Hello Traveler,

Traveling should be an adventure. It’s an opportunity to see new things, meet new people and of course have fun! Your travel experience is as unique as you are. At Amtrak, we take a you-first approach to transportation. We provide a safe, reliable and comfortable ride at an economically friendly price. The best part is, we do that all year around. And that’s not all …

I’m Mark Mastro. As the editor of Amtrak’s LGBT blog, my job is to travel across the country, see new sites and connect with everyday people. It’s as fun as it sounds. I’ve traveled countless miles to share my experiences with you. Our goal is to help you re-imagine what train travel is.

It’s easy to forget, but on Amtrak, we only ask that passengers let their minds drift and get lost in their own worlds.

When was the last time you saw the scenic beauty of the West Coast? Every ride should feel like a journey.

On a recent trip between New York and Washington, I met Travis on his way to Pride DC. He’s a frequent traveler. Flyer mostly. We talked about the advantages of Amtrak. Like me, he gets frustrated with the hassles of air travel — especially the long lines and the hidden fees.

Travis decided to try something new: Amtrak. Traveling by train is the best way to see the United States. It’s so easy. On the train you can spread out, enjoy nice comfortable seats, take in the fantastic views and arrive rested and ready.

With a few simple steps he booked and purchased his ticket online. He showed up about half an hour before departure, found a comfortable seat and connected.

At Amtrak we spend our time connecting you to what and who you love. Our revamped travel blog is centered on you. Our contributors will share their experiences in hopes it makes your travel plans simpler. Let us help you reimagine train travel.

Enjoy the journey!