An Everyday Choice

Coming out is more than making that one big announcement. It’s an everyday choice. Every time we meet a new person or find ourselves in a new situation, there’s a choice. This is a part of LGBT lives that straight people likely don’t even know exists. Sure, straight people reveal personal information every time they talk about themselves, but they probably don’t pause as often to weigh the cost of doing so. The speed bump at that interview when we consider if using the correct pronoun might cost us a job. A catch in the throat as we wonder if telling the truth might […]

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Gold Coast Getaway

The endless expanse of the California coastline beckons travelers annually to come and escape the dog-day heat. Grab an Amtrak California Rail Pass as Amtrak Ride with Pride visits five distinctly different beaches from San Francisco to San Diego — where LGBTs flock to relax in the summer sun.

Baker Beach — San Francisco Ferry Building Station

Late summer is the best time of year to visit Northern California. Arrive on Amtrak at the San Francisco Ferry Building and bus it to Baker Beach. This famous beach — the city’s only clothing-optional beach — is surrounded by rocky cliffs, making it a somewhat secluded stretch […]

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August Adventures Ought to Be Strange

Aside from my mother’s birthday, August doesn’t have any major holidays, but that’s no reason to treat this month like an afterthought. Make your own August magic! Taste a new ice cream flavor for 31 consecutive days! Finally sit down and watch The Wire like you’ve been meaning to do for the last 12 years!

Or better yet, use this month to take a vacation that’s off the beaten path. My husband and I are taking a quick trip to Maine in a few weeks, staying at a gay-owned B&B, and it feels just right for a late-summer trip; something small and intimate with a […]

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Pop Music Tourism

I’m not saying I married my husband because he grew up near Madonna’s childhood home in Michigan, but I will admit I made him drive me past her old house. That’s one of the highlights from my many years of pop music tourism.

See, I’m a huge music nerd. Rock songs, rap tunes, alternative hits, country anthems . . . whatever. There are songs I love in almost every genre. And when I can get closer to that music, it feels even more special. There’s just something so thrilling about standing on the actual spot where an incredible song was recorded, or walking down the […]

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When My Family Leaves Home, We Get Closer Than Ever

Never doubt the power of Designing Women. That show not only delivered one of the greatest monologues in sitcom history, but also inspired one of the most meaningful trips I’ve ever taken with my dad.

No, really! Back in the mid-aughts, I was on a break from graduate school and visiting my parents in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Naturally, I found time to watch the block of Designing Women reruns that Lifetime used to air in the mornings, and I happened to catch the episode “The Women of Atlanta,” where the Sugarbaker gals get tricked into posing for a slutty calendar. At the end of […]

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