A Journey Into Our Town: Washington D.C.

I’m a regular traveler on the Amtrak route from New York to D.C., but last year, the trip became more than a weekend visit with friends. On a Monday in February, I could feel the train carrying me toward something historic.

I’m not saying I’m historic myself. Not at all. But that’s what made the trip even more powerful. Because here I was, just a random passenger in coach, who was being asked to leave a small impression on some major national artifacts.

Everything started with Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town, a rumination on life, death and gratitude that’s become a touchstone of American drama. It […]

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Gay Philly

Have you ever gotten lost — only to find yourself in a magical world of cobblestone roads, rainbows and artisanal chocolate? It happened to me once.

Mother Nature had sent her spoiled brat of a child, Tropical Storm Irene, to pummel the East Coast in August of 2011. Irene’s seasonal tantrum diverted my family from a return trip home from a summer vacation in Northern Michigan, and we were waylaid in Chicago.

Images on social media revealed a climacteric situation. Irene had knocked out electricity, downed wires and flooded basements. Kind neighbors assured us that our basement only held about an inch of water, nothing that […]

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Sweet Savannah

The southern gem Savannah is sweet in every way. First, you’ll have a hard time selecting a dish from the city’s famous and bountiful dessert trays. Sweet potato pie, banana bread pudding and piles of fresh pecan pralines: Savannah’s dessert delicacies are unmatched. Treats are just icing on the red velvet cake, however. A visit to Savannah is enticing because it offers an abundance of natural, historic and cultural activities for a sweet weekend getaway for you and your partner, family or friends.

I visit Savannah about once a year because this Georgian city is stunningly gorgeous, decidedly quirky and easy to enjoy. I adore […]

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Spring Fever On Broadway

Oh sure, there are plenty of reasons to visit New York in the spring: Central Park is especially lovely when the weather starts to turn, and so are the Bronx Zoo and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. But if you ask me, the best thing about the city this time of year has absolutely nothing to do with the outdoors.

That’s because spring is the most exciting time on Broadway.

Here’s why: The official Broadway season — which covers the 40 theaters specifically designated as “Broadway houses” in midtown Manhattan — runs from June to May. Each season’s Tony Awards are typically bestowed in June, honoring the […]

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Married in Canada

“It’s only a ten-hour drive,” Gabriella informed me, as if using the word ‘only’ would somehow redirect me from the ten hours of hell we’d surely face. Driving to Southampton, Ontario, from New Jersey was not my first choice — or second.

“Ten hours?!? With two small boys? Don’t you love me anymore?” I accused.

Gabriella dismissed my suggestion that spending ten hours in a car with two very lively kids would be considered wartime torture in many other parts of the world. “It’ll be fun!” she assured me. “We’ll stop along the way — maybe spend a night in Niagara Falls.”

I instantly recalled my 8-year-old […]

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