Accent on Pride

Every June, the gay blogosphere explodes in debate over the necessity of Pride. Questions fly, tempers flare. Do we still need Pride? Why do we always feature Dykes on Bikes and drag queens and leather men? Where are all the “normal” people? Aren’t we post-Pride yet?

Things are changing, but how can we possibly be post-Pride when laws are popping up across the country whose sole purpose is to further legalize discrimination against the LGBT community, when the lies told about us are still considered just another “difference of opinion,” when violence against us is still prevalent, and when the closet is still alive and […]

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Miami Beach Turns 100

Miami continues to be a popular and open destination for LGBT tourists looking to unwind, work on their tans and explore the multicultural aspects of the city. The City of Miami Beach celebrated its historic centennial anniversary on March 26, 2015. To commemorate this milestone, the city has a yearlong anniversary celebration that will run through October 31, 2015 with the theme, “This is How We Celebrate.”

Miami Beach is the longstanding capital of Miami’s LGBT scene and world renowned as an international gay playground. Visitors to Miami Beach looking for gay-friendly options can choose either the 12th St. Beach or Sunny Isles Beach. The […]

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The long, fabulous history of Atlanta Pride

The first time I attended Atlanta Pride, I was terrified. But don’t blame Atlanta.

Back then, in the spring of 1998, I was a college freshman at Emory University, barely 19 and barely out of the closet. In fact, when I went to Pride that spring, I hadn’t even come out to my family — that would happen a few months later — and I was still getting used to the idea that I was now the kind of gay person who could actually go to a gay event.

And that realization scared me. When I got to the park where Pride was taking place, I […]

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Hell’s Kitchen: New York’s New LGBT Hotspot

New York City has always been a city of hip and fun neighborhoods. However, Hell’s Kitchen, located in Manhattan’s Midtown West neighborhood, has become one of the most LGBT-friendly areas in the city. It has a thriving bar and restaurant scene, and an influx of LGBT residents that make it the new gay hotspot in the Big Apple. Fifteen years ago there were two gay bars, a 10th Avenue lounge and 9th Avenue saloon in Hell’s Kitchen, and now the destination boasts a healthy 15 LGBT bars.

Chelsea was the go-to area for the LGBT community in the 1990s. Chelsea’s history stretches back several decades […]

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Suddenly, My Parents Are Visiting ME

I recently had a revelation in the refrigerator aisle of my local grocery store. And I don’t mean I finally grasped the difference between “cage free” and “cruelty free” eggs, which is a mystery I expect to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Instead, as I was strolling past the wall of Dannons and Fages, I thought to myself, “I should get some single-serve vanilla yogurts when Mom’s in town. That’s what she likes for breakfast.” The thought stopped me cold, eyes wide and eyebrows raised. Suddenly, I understood that things were different now.

Because here’s the thing: for my entire adult life — […]

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