In Praise of Women’s Basketball

Three fabulous things happened last year that completely took control of my schedule for this summer. Happily blocking out dates right and left, I booked travel to some of my favorite cities. Done deal. I am thrilled because it means I’m looking at hours of excitement, cheering and overall cool fun, all thanks to the hottest sport right now: women’s professional basketball.

Women’s pro ball won my fandom because of its successes on and off the court last year. First, the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) publicly celebrated the LGBT community. It loves us as much as we love it! Then they played a killer […]

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The Big Gay Train

Ever dream of drinking wine made by members of the LGBT community in a romantic setting? The fifth anniversary of The Big Gay Train took place on March 28, 2015. The event is held annually in March. “The reason the Big Gay Train was started is because we felt there was a need for LGBT-type events in our region. We are also very close to San Francisco. We wanted gay winemakers in the industry to showcase their wines and their craft,” says Andrea Guzman, Promotions and Partnership Manager for Napa Valley Wine Train, Inc. The Napa Valley Wine Train partnered with Out in the […]

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Spring Gardens

Finally, it’s the best season for the snow-shocked. Springtime is ready to welcome us with sunshine that replaces our brown and slush-drenched landscapes with verdant greens and the brightest of fragrant blooms. At long last, we can forget setting alarms to shovel out a spot for our car, and instead can wake to the raucous melody of happy birds. Don’t you want to sing with them? Even if you’re more of a snowbird, join with those weary-from-snowstorm survivors as together we celebrate the arrival of spring.

Taking trips to enjoy gorgeous gardens all throughout the country in their prime time might be one of the […]

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The Abbey is LA’s LGBT Fixture

On any given weekday or weekend, muscular men in tight white shorts gyrate on top of the bars at the open façade of The Abbey. This dancing and partying can be seen from the sidewalk of the popular Robertson Blvd, perpendicular to the busy thoroughfare of Santa Monica Blvd. However, The Abbey is known for more than just its eye candy. The establishment is popular in both the gay and straight communities of Los Angeles for its leadership within the community.

The Abbey implements many effective initiatives. Last September, it hosted its ninth annual Christmas in September celebrity toy drive. The Abbey becomes decked out […]

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Up the Coast

We left for the Pacific Northwest on Amtrak late one night in April 2007. It was one of those last-minute trips when you’re itching to go somewhere and you decide to just do it. My boyfriend (later, husband) Jake and I had just made the move from Ohio to San Francisco a few months earlier. The West Coast was our oyster and there was quite a bit for us to discover. One thing was for sure: we certainly weren’t in Kansas anymore.

Aptly enough, the Emerald City was high on our list of places to explore. When I found out Amtrak traveled north to Seattle […]

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