Honeymoon at Home

With the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage across the US, honeymoons stateside are becoming even more attractive and many of these popular destinations are connected by Amtrak. Several hotels and resorts have created packages and incentives to attract the LGBT newlyweds. According to John Tanzella, President of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), “We celebrate a great victory for equality and love today, as the United States becomes the twentieth country in the world to grant nationwide marriage rights to same-sex couples. When a country legally supports its LGBT citizens, we know the positive impact transcends borders. Global gay and […]

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Leave It Better

My love of travel started during glorious field trips and camping excursions with my intrepid Girl Scout troupe. We diligently worked on the requirements to earn our badges by exploring national forest preserves, natural wonders and historic visitor attractions that were within a few hours of our home in St. Louis. It wasn’t a huge perimeter, but those trips throughout the Midwest opened the world to me.

I was quite the badge hound, to be sure. By collecting leaves, studying photography or delving into Civil War history, I learned that tourism can be actively engaging instead of a passive endeavor. I also loved the campsite […]

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Picnic in the Park

Dek: Check out these National Picnic Month tips on planning a casual outdoor dining experience.

Nothing quite screams summer like spreading a cushy blanket across a grassy knoll or curling up beneath a shady tree to nosh, people-watch and soak up the summer sun.

We’re talking picnics, people!

And what better place to sunbathe and dine al fresco than in the green pastures of a public park?

In honor of National Picnic Month, we offer tips on what to pack, and suggest five picturesque parks in which to lay out your spread, whether you’re picnicking solo during your lunch break or putting together a well-planned affair for a […]

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40th Anniversary of Capital Pride

Capital Pride in Washington, DC, kicked off Wednesday, June 3rd with the Heroes Gala and culminated with a series of LGBT events throughout the week, ending Saturday, June 13th. Deacon Maccubbin, the owner of Lambda Rising bookstore for 35 years, started Pride four decades ago as a small street festival in front of his store on 19th Street. It is now one of the largest events in the city and one of the largest Pride celebrations in the country, with over 100,000 attendees for the parade and over 200,000 for the festival.

“My first Capital Pride was in 1987,” says Bernie Delia, president of the […]

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Accent on Pride

Every June, the gay blogosphere explodes in debate over the necessity of Pride. Questions fly, tempers flare. Do we still need Pride? Why do we always feature Dykes on Bikes and drag queens and leather men? Where are all the “normal” people? Aren’t we post-Pride yet?

Things are changing, but how can we possibly be post-Pride when laws are popping up across the country whose sole purpose is to further legalize discrimination against the LGBT community, when the lies told about us are still considered just another “difference of opinion,” when violence against us is still prevalent, and when the closet is still alive and […]

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