Discovering Desert Paradise

Knowing there’s a desert oasis a little less than two hours from my home in LA can make city life a little more bearable sometimes. Palm Springs is a desert hotspot (literally) that visitors come to visit from all over the globe. It’s easily accessible on Amtrak’s Southern California routes. Best of all, Palm Springs is rich in gay history, with half of the city’s population identifying as gay (and gray as the locals like to joke) — a tried-and-true queer vacation spot. It’s a favorite go-to place for me when I’m seeking much-needed R&R.

During my recent trip to Palm Springs, I checked into […]

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Spies Like Us: Breaking the Code on LGBT Espionage

The 2014 biopic The Imitation Game is scoring loads of film awards by focusing attention on Alan Turing and a little known piece of LGBT history. It is thrilling for the world to be reminded that a very important British World War II hero — a brilliant cryptanalyst who was instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany and who was a trusted diplomat sent to Washington D.C. to manage complex agency communication — was a gay man. The Imitation Game is making sure no one forgets Alan Turing’s genius, and in doing so is giving us access to juicy chapters of our community’s history.

So many amazing […]

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The Secret Joys of Off-season Travel

By the time I was ten years old, I’d learned a valuable lesson: Florida in the winter is a magical place. For several Februaries during my elementary school days, my parents and I traveled from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to the Sunshine State, before all the Spring Breakers showed up and after the holiday snowbirds flew home. These trips not only got me out of school for a few days — which felt deliciously sinful to a bookworm like me — but also taught me that even though it’s supposedly the “wrong” time to go, the state was really happening in the winter.

Sure, the […]

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    Celebrating New Year’s Eve Inspired by Spectacular LGBT Party Cities

Celebrating New Year’s Eve Inspired by Spectacular LGBT Party Cities

The “when” is a given: December 31st from just before midnight and on until breakfast — the only time for the most fantastic event of the year. When planning the perfect New Year’s Eve, the only two questions are which spectacular ensemble to wear, and where to go.

The LGBT community has many claims to fame, but nothing, absolutely nothing, tops our legendary party-throwing prowess. Our reputation casts us as experts on décor, setting a fabulous table and merry-making, which means that the grand night of New Year’s Eve is a shining jewel in our “hostess with the most-est” crown. 

Famous gay fêtes from Key West […]

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Family Man

Douglas Wright, a single, gay dad living in Durham, North Carolina, discusses the importance of family during the holidays.

As told to Shydel James

Growing up, my mother was the primary caregiver to five rambunctious kids. Although she made it look easy, there were many times she struggled to make ends meet. Even as a kid, I remember saying, “I don’t know how she does it.”

Now, as an adult and single father of two sons of my own, I think the key to her success as a parent was her all-hands-on-deck approach to child rearing. She was a single mother, yes, but she understood that it […]

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