Hell’s Kitchen: New York’s New LGBT Hotspot

New York City has always been a city of hip and fun neighborhoods. However, Hell’s Kitchen, located in Manhattan’s Midtown West neighborhood, has become one of the most LGBT-friendly areas in the city. It has a thriving bar and restaurant scene, and an influx of LGBT residents that make it the new gay hotspot in the Big Apple. Fifteen years ago there were two gay bars, a 10th Avenue lounge and 9th Avenue saloon in Hell’s Kitchen, and now the destination boasts a healthy 15 LGBT bars.

Chelsea was the go-to area for the LGBT community in the 1990s. Chelsea’s history stretches back several decades […]

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Suddenly, My Parents Are Visiting ME

I recently had a revelation in the refrigerator aisle of my local grocery store. And I don’t mean I finally grasped the difference between “cage free” and “cruelty free” eggs, which is a mystery I expect to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Instead, as I was strolling past the wall of Dannons and Fages, I thought to myself, “I should get some single-serve vanilla yogurts when Mom’s in town. That’s what she likes for breakfast.” The thought stopped me cold, eyes wide and eyebrows raised. Suddenly, I understood that things were different now.

Because here’s the thing: for my entire adult life — […]

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Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

When divorced parents get remarried, it usually produces a stepmom and stepdad. Usually. But not always. The rules of familial alchemy aren’t absolute and sometimes kids wind up with two stepdads. My husband’s first marriage was of the heterosexual variety, and from that union sprang three great kids. They are now grown and living their own lives just outside of Cleveland, where my husband is from and where they were raised. I love them, and besides that I can honestly say I like the people they have become. I am proud to be one of their stepdads.

My stepkids were relatively young when I met […]

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Finding Love on the San Joaquin

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Los Angeles that first summer. I should have known when I boarded the Amtrak train in San Francisco that it was the ultimate romantic way to be introduced to a new city, so of course it was the perfect atmosphere to sweep me off my feet.

It was July 2007. I was supposed to be traveling down to L.A. just for the summer to experience Southern California before a cross-country move to New York City to begin grad school. I was a little culture-shocked when I first moved to San Francisco from Ohio about a year earlier. […]

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In Praise of Women’s Basketball

Three fabulous things happened last year that completely took control of my schedule for this summer. Happily blocking out dates right and left, I booked travel to some of my favorite cities. Done deal. I am thrilled because it means I’m looking at hours of excitement, cheering and overall cool fun, all thanks to the hottest sport right now: women’s professional basketball.

Women’s pro ball won my fandom because of its successes on and off the court last year. First, the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) publicly celebrated the LGBT community. It loves us as much as we love it! Then they played a killer […]

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